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Champlain, NY/Press/December 18, 2018 – Gregory Lekhtman, President of Biosig Instruments Inc., was recognized as a Top Professional of North America 2019-2020 by The Who’s Who Directories.

The accomplishments attained by Gregory Lekhtman for inventing and creating Medical and Fitness Electronics & Products warrants inclusion into the Top Professionals of North America.

Biosig Instruments Inc. provides medical and fitness electronics products. Internationally acclaimed inventor, Gregory Lekhtman has invented many products most notably in the areas of medicine, fitness and health. His inventions include Insta-pulse® – Fitness heart rate monitor, Antense® – Fitness Anti-Tension Device Exerlopers® – No-impact running shoes, Insta-runner® – At-home exerciser, Body-Trim® – Universal revolutionary total body exerciser, electronic gym – Muscle tension relaxation monitor and Sea Jogger®-walk on water with the patented Sea Jogger® – The Nautilus Group Inc..

Gregory Lekhtman holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (space cybernetics), Brain Research and Medical Electronics. He has received prestigious medals and diplomas from invention conventions held in USA, Geneva, Brussels, Germany, and Argentina. Some of these awards include Japan’s 1989 World Genius Gold medal and the 1999 Spirit Award at the world’s largest fitness show in Atlanta, Georgia, Awards and medals INPEX, U.S,; Invention Convention-Geneva, Switzerland; World Genius Convention, Gold Medal Recipient, Tokyo, Japan; Invention Convention, Argentina; IENA, Germany.

Gregory is currently the OEM designer for his own company, Biosig instruments Inc. – winner of international awards for innovation and excellence in fitness electronics and products since 1975.

Mr. Lekhtman’s invention of the first commercial heart rate monitor in 1975, Tele-Pulse, led to the explosion of cardio – fitness exercise machines. His inventions involving heart rate monitors continue to be instrumental in the development of the latest trends in cardiovascular fitness. He has collaborated with well-known companies in the medical and fitness sectors such as Polar, Nordic Track , Star Track, Frisco Bay, Sharper Image, Sony and Cybex who continue to use his patented inventions.

As a sponsor of the American Association for Study of Headaches, Gregory’s work has contributed to a variety of health issues including R&D in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. His interest in motion and exercise related inventions has ranged from blood pressure and radio telemetry biofeedback monitors, to innovative bicycles, in-line skates, and even a new type of electric car.

Gregory Lekhtman and his inventions have been the subject of numerous articles in various scientific and popular magazines as well as  many newspapers. He has been invited to speak at several international symposiums and associations, including the Canadian Research Council Think Tank for the Canadian Space Program, as well as being invited to speak to many astronauts in their training centres. He has contributed several chapters on heart rate monitoring and bio-feedback in E-Factor, an american university textbook written by Dr. Bob Goldman.

He has written a philosophical book, People’s Rules of Power vs. God’s Rules of Love, and My Thoughts, a book of poetry. He continues to write on a variety of topics related to new physics, quantum mechanics and astronomy. He continues to invent and develop new products, his latest ones being the Sea Jogger®, the portable apparatus that allows you to walk on water. He has also recently patented a new technology for low cost, hurricane and earthquake resistive houses.

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