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Napa, CA/Press/December 6, 2018 – Donna J. Andrews Ph.D., Director of Therapy Research at the Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program was recognized as a Top Professional of North America 2018 – 2019 by The Who’s Who Directories. The accomplishments attained by Dr. Donna J. Andrews in the field of Neurological Services warrants inclusion into the Top Professionals of North America.

“Spread the knowledge – serve with love.” – Dr. Donna J. Andrews

Dr. Donna Andrews and Dr. Joel Reiter developed the Andrews/Reiter treatment method for epilepsy over the past 35 years. It all began when, Dr. Joel Reiter established a neurological Practice in Santa Rosa, California and became interested in exploring the role of behavioral techniques in improving patients’ abilities to control their seizures. While teaching neurophysiology at the Biofeedback Institute in Berkeley he met Dr. Donna Andrews who developed techniques for controlling her own epilepsy. They formulated a treatment program in 1980 which they investigated in a pilot trial with 44 participants. The results were astoundingly good and led to the formation of the Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program which was incorporated as a non-profit  in the state of California in 1982. At Andrews/Reiter, they are dedicated to research and treatment of epilepsy. Its mission has been to research behavioral methods for improving seizure control and quality of life; to offer treatment for individuals with epilepsy who experience lack of seizure control and/or interference with the quality of their lives; and to teach professionals and families how to use the Andrews/Reiter treatment approach to epilepsy. The approach incorporates evidence-based treatment methods and strategies. They are fortunate to have implemented all three aspects of their mission in the 35 years since formation.

Dr. Andrews has presented the A/R approach to management of epilepsy helping over 2600 patients gain better control of their seizures and improve their lives. Her impressive background as the Director of Therapy Research at the Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program, has allowed her to travel the globe to treat patients and lecture at major conferences in Alaska, Australia, Germany, Canada, Prague, Scotland, Israel, Australia, Massachusetts and New York.

Dr. Andrews received her M.R.A. (Masters of Rehabilitation) and M.S. in Neurosciences from the University of San Francisco, and obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the San Francisco Professional School of Psychology. She is a member of the Epilepsy Society, Ortho Psychiatric Association and the California Psychology Association.

Dr. Andrews along Dr. Reiter, researched treatment methods and describe them in their published book by Oxford Press called Taking Control of Your Seizures: Workbook. At age 18, Dr. Andrews contracted viral encephalitis followed by complex partial seizures. She had a unique insight that enabled her to achieve complete seizure control. She utilized this experience to help patients who are experiencing epileptic seizures.

Dr. Joel M Reiter, co-founder of the Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program (A/R), retired from his role with A/R on August 1, 2018. Dr. Rosa Michaelis has assumed the position of Medical Director of Andrews/Reiter. Dr. Michaelis has conducted a retrospective and a qualitative study on the program. She has been the chair of the Psychology Task Force of the International League Against Epilepsy for the past 5 years. This international task force has conducted a Cochrane review of randomized controlled trials (RCT) of psychological treatments for people with epilepsy that showed a statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement of quality of life in the interventions group in comparison to the control group. Evidence-based recommendations have been formulated based on this Cochrane review.

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